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Defending or Empowering? Types of Self Defense

There are several ways to approach psychic self-defense. You may choose to shield, transmute, reverse, absorb, increase your strength or some combination of these methods. These can be done by purely energetic means or using tools, like crystals, talismans etc.

Shielding is the most common form of defense.  Simply avoiding contact with the negative person or choosing not to ‘take things personally’ can be seen as shielding.  Other forms of shielding can be done using crystals and gemstones, as well as strengthening the aura with meditation or through visualization. One of the issues with shielding that people don’t recognize is the fact that when we shield ourselves we also limit ourselves.

I find crystals and gemstones to be very effective in shielding especially when it comes to shielding or deflecting negative ambient energy.  My favorite gemstone to use is peridot because it creates a powerful white light shield that nothing can penetrate.  It can be used to hide you from entities.  Peridot is also a powerful tool to combat depression.  It is a stone of sunshine and very uplifting.

The problem with Peridot is that it’s shielding capability is so powerful that blocks everything, even positive energy.  Peridot also traps our energy in the shield with us so when we need to release energy or we want to do something like balance our chakkras we cannot do so.  Why would this be an issue?  Because oftentimes when we wear gemstones like this we forget to take them out of our immediate area so that we can release or pull energy when needed.  This type of gemstone also needs to be cleansed on a regular basis.

A better choice may be ruby.  Ruby also puts a powerful white light shield around you, however with ruby the shield is permeable.  This means that energy can flow through it.  You need it to program ruby so that positive energy or energy directed by you can flow through the shield.  This allows you to release energy, and pull positive energy or receive positive energy while remaining shielded.  The drawback with ruby is that it does not hide you, although this is not usually an issue unless you’re dealing with powerful negative entities.

Another form of shielding is placing yourself in a white light bubble, you generally do this through visualization or meditation.  I prefer to use the white light meditation to pull energy to through me and then have the energy ball descended to encompass me and my aura.  There are many ways to create the white light energy bubble.  

Shielding encompasses several other forms of self-defense including transmutation and reversals as well as absorption and increased strength.  Transmutation is when we take the negative energy around us or directed towards us and change it into positive energy.  This cannot be done with all energy, just a certain level of energy. 

Gemstones like amethyst, citrine and ametrine are perfect for transmuting negative energy.  Amethyst is known as the stone of meditation.  It has a very high vibration and effects whenever is around it.  Amethyst is actually used to clear other stones, jewelery and enhance water.  Citrine can clear an area 6 feet in diameter.  Citrine is known as the merchant’s stone for its abundance drawing ability.  It can also be used to clear other stones and works well with Peridot.  Ametrine is a stone comprised of amethyst and citrine, so it has the properties of both.

Certain incense and scented oils are good for transmuting energy.  I personally recommend the scent of a rose as a clarifying agent.  Rose is one of the highest vibration or properties on the planet at this time.  I use rose to clear rooms, loosen entities, and for protection.  I carry rose water with me everywhere and use it before and after most of my sessions.  You can also use rose incense or aromatherapy oils.

Smudging with sage is also effective for lifting the vibration of a room by transmuting negative energy and loosening any unwanted attachments.  You can smudge with various incense including rose, sandalwood or cedar also.  The act of smudging is using smoke of a particular sent to perform a clearing or other energy work.  Many people are familiar with smudging as a Native American process.
You can also set the intention of your white light bubble to transmute any energy being directed toward you to positive energy.  I will go over that more in-depth when I describe the exercise at the end of the book.

A more proactive form of self-defense is reversals.  A reversal should only be used in the case of a directed psychic attack.  A reversal is when we take an energy that is being directed towards us and direct it back to the person or being sending it.  There are passive and active reversals.  A passive reversal happens when you wear a gemstone or crystal that naturally reverses negative energy away from you.  Hematite, lapis lazuli and tiger iron are quite effective for this.  An active reversal is when you program a gemstone, your energy bubble or some other means to redirect energy back to its source.  The use of the iron is very common in reversal spells. 

You can set the intention of your white light bubble to reverse any negative energy back to its source.  You can also bless candles in such a way that they reverse energy.  Personally, I prefer using a white candle to burn off any negative energy being sent towards me.  I only recommend using reversals if the person is persistent even after you've done a clearing.  A reversal will let the person know that you're not accepting their negative energy.

Some objects, crystals and gemstones, actually absorb negativity so that it does not affect you.  Black gem stones tend to energy.  Gemstones such as black onyx, smoky quartz and obsidian are very good for thwarting negative energy.  These gemstones need to be cleared it often.  Once they have taken in all the energy they can they will either crack or spit back out at you.  This is true for all gemstones whether they are used to deflect, reverse or absorb energy.

Your other option in psychic self-defense is to increase your energy and battened down the hatches.  This requires setting an intention and having a regular practice of clearing, polishing and repairing your aura.  There are ways to do this quickly.  Using the white light meditation is one.  Another way to increase to your strength and the strength of your aura is to wear copper.  Copper helps with your overall energetic flow.

The scent of sandalwood will draw positive energy into your area.  Sandalwood raises the vibration of an area and makes it inviting to positive energy and entities like angels.  When worn, sandalwood helps to strengthen your aura.  It is one of my favorite scents and I associated with Angel Gabriel my primary guide.

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