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Discover the Soul of Tarot Course

In-depth Course - 4 classes

Learning the Soul of Tarot is about developing your own unique intuition, no memorization is required. This course is both instructional and experiential. For Novice to Professional. We will be using the Rider-Waite Deck. Don’t have the Rider-Waite? Purchase it here

  • ~  Develop your Intuition
  • ~  Explore the many uses of the Tarot
  • ~  Learn about the language of Tarot
  • ~  Connect with diverse symbolism
  • ~  Exchange readings with other students

~ Gain access to our private FB group to support your continued growth

The pace of the class is led by student participation. However, by the third lesson you will be able to do a simple one to three card spread.

These lessons build on one another so skipping classes is not recommended. 4 classes in all with an option for an Ethics in Divination class additional.

Class Cost: Regular price $444

         SPECIAL HEART SPACE PRICING        $45 per class - $150 if paid in full by 8/22 by 6pm ET

Heart Space at 7 Stones
215 W. Baker St., Media, PA
and via ZOOM with Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph

No refunds are given for no-shows as we record each class.

If you are a former student of this class special pricing applies – contact Geralyn via email at

Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St. Joseph is a natural psychic, born with her gifts. She began reading for others in grade school using a regular playing deck of cards. As a teen she discovered the Tarot and Graphology. Through the years she has added many divination tools and energy techniques. She calls her talents ‘remembering’. Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph has been teaching others Tarot and Self-Empowerment since 1994 when she was encouraged to make her calling a profession. Find out more about Geralyn through her books, published on Amazon or through her podcasts and videos.

Check out Geralyn’s Author Page on Amazon:

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Basic Reading

Basic Reading

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