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Soul Empowerment ~ Pulling Your SELF Back Together Series

We will seldom find ourselves at a better moment than right now to delve into our selves to find our core, our spirit, our purpose. What needs to realized is that this is a process, not a quick fix. This process takes time, intention and awareness to affect the deep healing that we crave. Even if you believe that you have walked this Earth unscathed, this process will reward you with a better sense of Self, more energy and more focus. Are you ready to reclaim your soul?

In just 6 weeks you can change your life, RECLAIM your Power and Break Free of Anxiety and Doubt!  What would you like to be FREE from? Break the chains of insecurity and pain that are holding you back! It's Time!

What does Soul Empowerment ~ Pulling Your SELF Back Together look like?

Heal ~ Cleanse ~ Clear ~ Grow ~ Reclaim ~ Embrace ~ Empower ~ Ignite ~ Activate ~ Enhance ~ Unravel  ~ Release ~ Actualize AND more! If any of these words resonate and excite you - YOU ARE READY!

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Opening Your Heart to LOVE 

~ Addendum to Pulling Your SELF Back Together series ~

TBD on Zoom 

Join Psychic Intuitive Healer
Geralyn St Joseph for this unique empowering experience where we will open and expand our Heart Chakra System and experience the flow of Universal Energy.

Begin with a full bodied Universal Light Cleansing & Protection to strengthen your Soul and begin the healing process.
Next, it's time to activate, heal and empower our Expanded Heart Chakra System!

The Expanded Heart Chakra System activates your connection to the Universal Source of pure unconditional love. This energetic is also known as the Christos or Christ energy. We will open, cleanse and empower your organic heart system, which includes 3 chakras at its core = the lower heart, the core heart and the high heart [compassion point]. We will discover how these chakras work together to enable us to give and accept love freely.

Open your Self to all the benefits of being in the flow of Universal LOVE:
   ~ Clarity of purpose
   ~ Faith in the future
                   and more!

Ready for a BETTER LIFE? Let's Talk

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Do you feel like something is holding you back? Having difficulty letting go of a past hurt, a lover, a job – the good old days? Would you like to have more energy? Then you need a Chakra Core System Deep Cleanse ~ Not your ordinary chakra cleanse! In this powerful session we will dig deep to remove anything that creates dysfunction in our energetic system. Release your chakkra’s from old wounds to find more energy and clarity to accomplish your goals!

Chakra Deep Cleanse
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Soul Retrieval ~ In this session, we call back our soul pieces. This is a form of Shadow work where we call in the pieces of our soul that are ready to be re-integrated with our core.  We call back the pieces of ourselves we left behind due to trauma. And we welcome them back, integrate their lessons and heal their wounds

Soul Retrieval Session
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Activate & Clear Your Galactic Gaia Chakra SystemTM to open your Being to better energy flow by releasing stress & energetic blocks. Maintaining a clean energy system can give you better health, more resilience & enhanced intuition. 

Galactic~Gaia Chakra Awakening
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Renunciation of Binding & Contracts / Embracing the Flow of Spirit ~ We unravel the energies that hold us back and keep us from our truth. Release the illusion of lack and separation freeing us to choose a new path.

Breaking the Chains
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