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Who is Geralyn St Joseph?

"A psychic reading from Geralyn St. Joseph is often very specific in detail and always highly transformative. Her information uplifts the spirit and gives one a sense of direction filled with many possibilities. She has helped clients through difficult times by assisting in discovering the reasons for a seemingly traumatic event." 

~ Christopher Ilo - Shaman in Hawaii, Huna Fire Energy Healer

Geralyn St Joseph has a reputation for offering strong, loving guidance to those who choose to seek her advice. Her talents and experiences are varied and many and she brings a bright compassionate light to everything she does. 

Geralyn St Joseph is an ordained minister, life coach and intuitive business consultant. Geralyn helps many people in a variety of ways. Regardless of the initial focus, her work ultimately helps her clients to repair and strengthen their familial relationships. Geralyn believes that with the proper effort and coaching every family can experience the joy of a mutually supportive relationship.

Geralyn is currently residing near Philadelphia, PA with a client list that spans the world. 

What is an Intuitive Relationship Empowerment Coach?


   I am an Intuitive Relationship Empowerment Coach. It's a mouth full, I know. So, let's break it down.

Intuitive means that I use my Intuitive senses to guide our progress. By doing so, I engage all of who I am with all of who you are. Using an Intuitive approach gives us the flexibility to move in many directions and does not lock us in to a single path.

Relationship encompasses all your relationships, most importantly, your relationship with your Self. We look at outer and inner relationship in equal measure. Familial relationships are one of the key relationship groups that I focus on with you. Healing your core relationships, whatever that may look like for you, is essential to the best outcomes.

Empowerment means giving you the greatest possible foundation for success. Success is very subjective, and we suss out what real success looks and feels like to you. Empowerment is owning who we are and working with all our assets.

Coaching is not coddling. It is not making your decisions for you. Coaching is about being a clear sounding board and reflecting back to you the things you need to see. I am here to give you guidance and help you ask the right questions.

I am known as a Fiercely Loving Earth Mama. My business attracts people who are hurting, but ready to make big changes to heal and experience a more fulfilling life.

Interestingly, my couples work is often initiated by the man in the relationship. I find that when a man seeks therapy/coaching/counseling, it is because he is serious about healing.

I was a coach before we had a name for what we did. Coaching is a natural extension of who I am. Since childhood I have always been a confidant. People seem to be drawn to be truthful with me. They feel comfortable being their true selves.

I have a deep faith in God and the Universe. Coaching brings me Joy because it is part of my life's purpose.

My biggest accomplishments come from knowing that I have been there for some people when no-one else was. I've helped people when they were at their wit's end and gave them a safe space to tell their story and regain their strength. I've helped marriage partners and romantic partners discern the condition of their relationship. They then can choose wisely their course for the future.

I often have clients who check in with me years later to let me know how much our time together altered their lives.

How may I help you? If you are ready to face your fears and begin living at 100%, let's schedule a call to see if we are a good fit.

Blessings! Geralyn St Joseph, Intuitive Relationship Empowerment Coach

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