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Soul of Tarot: What to Expect!

Ready to explore the Tarot?

Learning the Soul of Tarot is about developing your own unique intuition, no memorization is required. This course is both instructional and experiential. For Novice to Professional. We will be using the Rider-Waite Deck. Don’t have the Rider-Waite? Purchase it here –

  • Learn the history of Tarot ~ with mythology and lore
  • Explore the symbolism, astrology and numerology of the Tarot
  • Awaken your Intuition & become an accomplished Reader
  • Gain access to our private FB group to support your continued growth

This unique class is good for the novice through professional. Gain confidence and understanding of Tarot and your talents.
Additional classes will be offered for those interested in reading primarily for others.     

Six PRE-RECORDED online video classes - approx. 1 - 2 hours a class.

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Interested in this class but having financial hardship?

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Curious but not ready to commit?

Are you curious about the Tarot but not ready for a full class? Try a one-on-one mini Tarot lesson. 

30 minute Tarot Reading with a personal lesson* just for you! Use your own deck for the lesson, or use mine!
Just $120  *Lesson is done on Zoom platform.

If you do choose to enter the class after this lesson, $60 will go toward the cost of the class.

Courtesy and Guidlines

Once your appointment is set please make note of the time. If you are running late please inform us. If you need to reschedule, inform us as early as possible. If we are NOT informed of these issues BEFORE the appointment time, the time is lost and there will be no refund. Rescheduling lost time due to client's absence is at our discretion. 

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