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Esoteric Explorations with Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph

Esoteric Explorations – once a Month ~ 7pm ET ~ Zoom

Esoteric Knowledge is known and understood by the initiated few who study this knowledge. It is the knowledge within. I understand Esoteric Knowledge as being hidden, or stored, deeply within us: within our souls. I understand it to be information to be unlocked and utilized by those with the proper training and intention. Exploring the Esoteric is exploring the Soul to discover all that we are capable of.

We will meet monthly, typically on a Wednesday, to unlock and explore this information. Each meeting will be an introduction to another topic/process. Join us for this spiritually enriching series. Each month can be done alone, join at any time. Every session will be recorded and accessible to participants. These sessions are for fee - $30.

TBD ~ Change Your Money Energy

Let's explore our relationship with money. Are you a Money Honey? Are you a money abuser? or hater? Do you want to have money but disparage those who do?

If you are having a breakdown in your relationship with money, NOW is the perfect time to change things.

Join Geralyn as she helps you to explore your relationship with money. Let's create a healthy relationship! Like all relationships this one needs to be acknowledged and nurtured.

This is an experiential class, so we will practice what we learn. You will have an exercise to have to continue the healing.
In this class we will:

  • ~ Learn about your Relationship with Money
  • ~ Discern if you have contrary subconscious programming
  • ~ Connect with your Money Energy
  • ~ Shift your Money Energy
  • ~ Discuss what we have experienced

A Variety of Topics

  • Changing Your Money Energy
  • Accessing Your Higher Self              
  • Psychic Self-defense             
  • Finding Joy, Appreciation, Freedom & Love          
  • Pulling Cords for the New Year

Other processes may be added or expanded.

Each of these classes includes:

  • ~ Lesson with Q&A
  • ~ Lesson Process [ Shamanic Journey, Guided Meditation or Healing Practice]
  • ~ Access to recording

Gemstones for Depression

Are you READY to :

  • Move through life in confidence?
  • Build your Faith in yourself? and the Universe?
  • Understand the unseen world around you?
  • Feel whole and loved?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, YOU ARE READY!

Join Psychic Intuitive & Relationship Empowerment Coach Geralyn St Joseph as she guides you to Unlock YOUR INtuition.

Class begins September on Zoom. Sign up NOW as class space is limited. 

Be Learning! Be Healing! Be Strong!

Zoom Classes
Connect while remaining socially distant!
Win, Win!

So many ZOOM classes to choose from! 
Tarot  Crystals 101 / Empowerment 
and more!

Exploring Your Intuition
Experiential Series

Now a Web Course!

Are YOU Ready To -
EXPLORE Your Intuition and
DISCOVER Your Spiritual Gifts?

If you answered YES, join us
to Explore Your Intuition!

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Psychic Self Defense

~ Part of Advanced Esoteric Energy Training ~

    ~ Pre-Recorded Video Series!

CLICK HERE for more information!


Soul Of Tarot - Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom

Pre-Recorded "Online Video Series" to learn at your own pace!

Learning the Soul of Tarot is about developing your own unique intuition, no memorization is required. This course is both instructional and experiential. For Novice to Professional. We will be using the Rider-Waite Deck. Don't have the Rider-Waite? Purchase the Rider-Waite Deck here --

  • Develop your Intuition
  • Explore the many uses of the Tarot
  • Learn about the language of Tarot
  • Connect with diverse symbolism
  • Exchange readings with other students

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Activate and Clear Your 16 Chakra System

Activate & Clear Your Galactic Gaiatm

16 Chakra System

with Geralyn St Joseph

Special rate of just $20 for this Audio Download

Discover Your Galactic Gaiatm Chakra System*  

In this guided meditation you will Awaken Your Galactic Gaiatm 16 Chakra System* to open your Being to better energy flow by releasing stress & energetic blocks. Maintaining a clean energy system can give you better health, more resilience & enhanced intuition. 

This meditation will empower you!

*7 core chakras, 5 additional chakras of the physical body and 3 higher realm chakras along with your Gaia point  

Basic knowledge of the core 7 chakras is helpful, but not necessary


Classes and Seminars Available from Geralyn St Joseph


Adjective:      Quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences

Noun:             A person who is believed to respond to occult influences.

Synonyms:     susceptible - touchy - delicate - thin-skinned – tender

Most classes can be presented as workshops or talks. Tailored to fit your needs. 

Creating Loving Relationships With Intuitive Relationship Coach Geralyn St Joseph

We all deserve to be happy

In this one day workshop: Explore your Self     •           Open to Growth

Learn techniques to help you create a loving relationship

 Heart Repair series

          Heart Repair

Open your heart chakra and learn to heal the wounds that prevent you from truly experiencing intimate love.

 Ever had your heart broken? Feel closed off or alone? As we experience heartache, we grow scar tissue that blocks us from feeling the fullness of love. You don’t have to settle for dulled emotions. To fully experience the relationship you’re in – Or to prepare for what lies ahead –

Open your heart again.

Experience Heart Repair

Class Online, in Philadelphia, PA or your home [class of 5+] 6-week course

             Attracting Love*

            Learn how to attract the love and true intimacy you long for.

*May only be taken after successful completion of Completing the Circle, Heart Repair or The Whole Self course.

            Heart Maintenance

            Discover how to keep your love flowing regardless of your situation. This is about keeping the Joy flowing in every facet of your life.

            The Care & Handling of a Healthy Relationship

            Keeping your love alive isn’t always easy, so we decided to create a handbook for you.

Empowering Your Feminine To Awaken His Masculine

An Interactive discussion with Geralyn St. Joseph exploring the dynamic between adult men and women.

We are all looking for a strong, loving man to experience true intimacy with, but …Where’d they all go? Did they ever exist? How do I get one of those?

Bring out the real man in any man by empowering your own feminine nature.

Less Pain Childbirthit doesn’t have to be such a labor

            Our society teaches us to fear the pain of childbirth, but other cultures call it ‘the ultimate orgasm’ Let me help you make your child’s birth the glorious experience God meant it to be.

Completing the Circle – Path to Self-Empowerment

Searching for Joy? Find it in You. Completing the Circle will help guide you to fulfillment. Make the decision to be happy. Let me share my path with you, so that you may find your own way. Take the time to know yourself & reconnect with Spirit.

Online course by email or with a small group in person. 6-week course.

The Whole Self - Path of Self Healing

Follow the path of the chakkra system to rebuild your whole Self. Make sure each of these important energy systems is functioning properly. Learn how to maintain a healthy chakkra system and to recognize when you are out of balance. Take the time to know your Self, bring your Self to its fullness & reconnect with Spirit.

Online course by email also available 7 weeks

 Chakkras 101 -Discovering Your Energy Centers

          Learn how to feel, clear and energize this important energy system. Balance your own chakras. Learn how to disconnect energetically from those around you.

8 week course Online course by email also available Can be given as a seminar.

 Foundations for Prosperity With Geralyn St. Joseph

Explore the foundations of prosperity!

In this one-day event:

• Learn the tools you need to attract prosperity.

• Discover the issues that prevent you from fully experiencing a prosperous life

            & how to move past them.

• Learn how to utilize the power of gemstones to attract and secure prosperity & more!                                               

I can come to your home with a class of 6 or more!

Esoteric Tarot With Geralyn St. Joseph

Learn to use the Tarot as a tool to develop your intuition. With this unusual method of teaching the Tarot, you will open your intuition & be able to read any deck by the end of the course. We begin with the Rider-Waite Deck because it contains the most esoteric symbolism in my opinion.

I teach the course 2 ways: Freshman and accelerated. The accelerated course is for people with a basic understanding of the symbolism in the Tarot. They need an understanding of astrology, numerology, Qaballah and such. All the info is given in 3 six-hour days.

I prefer to teach at a slower pace so that the students really absorb
all the information. This method takes six to eight weeks, each lesson is 1-1/2 to 2 hours. By the third or fourth lesson you should be able to do a simple one to three card spread.

– additional classes available for those interested in becoming a professional or simply learning more about the method of reading others Additional lessons include: ethics, how to deliver news people don't want to hear, choosing the right deck for you, & so on.

Class size is limited - 6 weeks / 2 hours per class

Power of Gemstones – Utilizing the Magic of Gemstones for Everyday Living

            Learn the metaphysical uses of the most common gemstones in jewelry and some of the mythology around them.

 Metaphysical Bible Study

            Looking at the Bible with a multi-layered understanding. Interpreting Bible lessons with an esoteric perspective.

Meditation – Drawing in the Light

            For beginners or practiced students, drawing in the Light helps one in a number of ways including; protection, cleansing and gaining energy.

 Psychic Self Defense

            How to clear and protect yourself from negativity.

Intuition Basics – Discerning the Voice of Spirit

            Learning to discern the voice of Spirit from everything else in your head.

The Reality of Ghosts and Other Non-physical Life Forms

            True stories of ghosts and their nature. Information on other types of entities and ‘disturbances’.

Healing with Christ Energy

            Jesus the Christ healed others in various ways; through his words, with his hands and remotely. He left us a legacy of energetic healing that we can all tap into. Learn how to use your Christ energy to help heal yourself and others.


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