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Things that go BUMP in the Night

The Shadow People

Colton was afraid to sleep in his room. The shadows moved in there. Sometimes, they even talked to him! They were not nice, they said things that scared little Colton or made him feel really bad. The shadows told Colton that his dad didn’t really love him. They told Colton not to tell anyone about them or they would hurt his mom.

What Colton didn’t know is that the shadows told lies. The shadow people didn’t have anyone to love them, so they wanted Colton to feel the same way. The shadow people were lost and angry.

The shadows wouldn’t let Colton sleep. That made Colton very cranky. That made the whole house unhappy. And that pleased the shadows.

Like most scary things, the shadow people eat unhappiness.

Then Colton’s mom started saying a special prayer with him when he was cranky. The prayer made him feel much better.

The prayer went something like this:
Children’s White Light Prayer

One night when the Shadows were being really mean Colton decided to make his room bright with his prayer. He imagined the light filling his room. It fills every nook and cranny. Even the closet. It made him look like a big light bulb so the Shadows were afraid of him! They faded away. Colton fell asleep very happy. He knew he did not have to be afraid of any more Shadows. Now they were afraid of him.

Monster in the Closet

Colton has a sister named Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn has a monster in her closet. It makes scary noises growling and banging on the walls. It started playing with her toys and throwing stuff. Kaitlyn was afraid.

She told her parents but they didn't believe her. The monster was quiet whenever someone else was in the room. It wanted Kaitlyn to feel alone. It wanted everyone to be annoyed with her and think she was just making up stories. Kaitlyn did feel alone.

The monster was getting louder and stronger. It would mess up Kaitlyn's room when her mom asked her to clean it. The monster did a good job of making Kaitlyn feel scared and alone.

Kaitlyn didn't tell Colton because she didn't want him to be scared. She was supposed to protect him; after all, she was the big sister. She didn't know how to protect him. He had nasty Shadows bothering him at night.

Then Kaitlyn noticed that Colton seemed happier. He was sleeping at night! Kaitlyn asked Colton about the Shadows. He just laughed and said ha! They are afraid of me now!

Colton told Kaitlyn about the special prayer and how he filled his room with the light. So Kaitlyn asked Colton to show her in her room so she could scare away the monster in her closet.

That night Colton and Kaitlyn had a sleepover in her room. Shortly after Mom turned off the light the monster in the closet began growling and banging on the wall. Kaitlyn was scared. Colton was too. This was different than the shadows in his room.

Colton decided to try saying the special prayer anyway. Kaitlyn joined him. Together they filled the room with light, but the monster seemed to become more angry.

They were afraid but also determined. Kaitlyn was tired of being scared. She wanted the monster to be gone!

“I know someone can help us! Who will help us? Help us please!”

At this the monster in the closet began to laugh. Kaitlyn felt she needed to repeat her words.

“I know someone can help us! Who will help us? Help us please!”

Suddenly the monster in the closet screamed “STOP IT!”

So Colton and Kaitlyn said the prayer and asked for help again. The room began to glow and became hot. The kids begin to feel calm and confident. Then they saw what looked like a tall angel in front of the closet.

The monster was banging on the closet door and growling. The angel became clear and she looked at the children.

“Keep praying, we have come to help you.” Instructed the Angel in her soothing voice, “when you chant things 3 times it makes your request stronger.”

The children continued their prayer and the room became brighter and hotter. Kaitlyn noticed Angels beside her and Colton, there were more in front of the closet.

The monster in the closet suddenly stopped. It stopped banging on the door. It stopped growling. There was a burst of light as the angels in front of the closet disappeared. The room was very quiet.

Kaitlyn and Colton felt very happy. They began to laugh, and then they realized that it was hot beside each of them. The angels that remained introduced themselves and told the children to call if they ever needed them and if they felt scared, alone or unhappy. These were their guardian angels and would watch over them.

Animal Friends

Lance was afraid of the dark. He heard strange noises coming from under the bed. He made sure to tuck his arms and legs in the covers. And sometimes he even covered his head so the thing under the bed wouldn’t come get him in the dark!

Some nights he would have terrible dreams. Dreams that made him not want to go back to sleep. The thing under the bed would chase him and try to eat him. He would wake up sweating and shaking. He didn’t sleep very well.

Lance’s mom was worried and wanted to know what she could do to help. She asked Lance what was wrong and if there was anything that made him feel better.

Lance always slept better at his grandparents’ house. The thing was still lurking under the bed, but his grandparents had a dog. The dog would jump into bed with him and he felt safe. He told his mom about the dog and she surprised him with a stuffed dog. Lance loved it!

Lance began dreaming about the dog. She would come into the dream and protect Lance from the thing under the bed. Holding his stuffed dog made Lance feel brave and strong. The thing under the bed did not like that at all! Eventually the thing left and did not return.

Finding Your Power

Dell was afraid to go to sleep because he had awful nightmares. It seemed like every time he closed his eyes he saw scary skeletons coming after him. This began to happen even when he was awake! He felt like he would never get away from them. He became very sad and cranky.

He told his parents and they tried changing his diet and not letting him watch too much TV or play video games, but it didn’t seem to help much.

Then his dad remembered that his older cousin had the same problem so they called him and asked him what he did. He said that he practiced finding his power and came to talk to Dell.

Cousin Danny was only a few years older than Dell. Dell felt really comfortable with him but some of the other kids were afraid of Danny. Dell didn’t know why because Cousin Danny was always nice to everyone. One day Dell watched Dany stand up to a bully. Danny simply stood his ground and said in a low voice “You need to leave us alone” raising his eyes to look directly into the eyes of the bully he growled a little bit louder, “Now”. The bully looked confused, turned and walked away. The bully was taller and a bit older than Cousin Danny, but somehow Danny felt bigger and stronger. It was amazing!

Danny explained to Dell that he just needed to find his power. We all have it, but it gets buried sometimes by our fear and doubt. Danny taught Dell to breathe deeply and slowly by counting to 5 or 7 in and out. With each breath in he would imagine a brilliant golden, white light filling him. Then as he was breathing he could feel himself becoming stronger and lighter. He imagined himself glowing and more than twice his physical size. He felt calm and powerful.

Danny instructed Dell to breathe deeply and empower himself as he went to sleep. If he had a nightmare he could simply breathe in his power to scare away the skeletons. Dell practiced his breathing every chance he had until he could feel calm and secure even without thinking about it.

After about a week of practice, Dell began sleeping through the night. He defeated the skeletons in his dreams. Eventually he did not see the skeletons when he was awake anymore and the nightmares totally stopped. Dell was very grateful to his parents and cousin for helping him. 

Is That You, Gram?

Gaby was so sad when her Grandma died that she cried for weeks. She felt so alone without her Grandma. She knew her Grandma had been sick. People kept telling her that Grandma was in a better place, but that didn’t make Gaby feel any better. She wanted to be able to hear her and feel her Grandma play with her hair. It hurt so badly to know that she would never experience those things again.

About three months after her Grandma died, Gaby had a dream. In the dream Grandma played with her hair and talked with her all night. At the end of the dream Grandma told Gaby that she was still around, even if she couldn’t play with her like they used to. She told Gaby to keep on talking to her, Grandma may not always be able to talk back, but she would always listen. Then Grandma said goodbye.

Gaby woke up crying. She was sad and happy. She felt like Grandma just finished playing with her hair. She was relieved that she could still talk to her Grandma and that Grandma wasn’t totally gone. The people who a said that Grandma was in a better place were right. Grandma could walk and run like Gaby. She could breathe and didn’t seem to be in pain anymore. Gaby was happy that Grandma wasn’t in pain. And she was happy that she could visit Grandma in her dreams.

Sometimes Gaby thought she could see Grandma. When Gaby was really upset one day she could smell her grandmother as if she was standing right next to her. Knowing that her Grandma was there made Gaby feel better.


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