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Discover the Soul of Tarot
With Geralyn St Joseph

Now available as a Video Class!

This class explores the Tarot to raise your vibration and awaken your intuition.

In this class you will:

  • Delve into the Tarot’s Symbolism
  • Gain an understanding of:
  • Astrology, Numerology & Mythology in the Tarot
  • Explore the history/mythology

CLICK HERE for more information and registration!

Master Class ~ Intuiting Your Oracle

Once again Psychic Intuitive has been invited to offer a Master Class on psychic reading methods! This class will explore the way we use our intuition when divining through Oracles, specifically card decks. Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph will have students present their personal decks and give them readings based on their own pulls. She will show you how to intuit a reading using any Oracle Deck. This personalized Master Class is being presented through Empath University with Jennifer O'Neill.

A special edition of this class is offered to new students of Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph. Be sure to sign up to be included!

Discover You're Evolving Energy System

As many of you know I have been working with an expanded Energy System – The Galactic Gaia SystemTM. What I have realized recently is that our system has not only expanded but it is evolving. I have found three different types of energy systems in the human body, or human being I should say.

This Workshop will allow you to experience and enable your evolving Energy System. Every person is different and unique and so are their energy systems.

In this Workshop learn how to: 
                        ~ feel your unique essence 
                        ~ cleanse your current chakra system 
                        ~ facilitate the empowerment of your organic energy system

This is an experiential Workshop.

Contact Geralyn St Joseph to RSVP or for more info:

Join us TBD


Esoteric Tarot to Raise Your Vibration and Awaken Your Intuition

~          Develop your Intuition

~          Connect with diverse symbolism

~          Explore the many uses of the Tarot

~          Learn about the language of Tarot

~          Do a mini-reading with other students

Learn to use the Tarot as a tool to develop your intuition. With this unusual method of teaching the Tarot, you will open your intuition & be able to read any deck [by the end of the full course offered in person and online]. For the purpose of this gathering we will begin the journey of understanding and utilizing the Tarot to develop our own innate psychic skills. We begin with the Rider-Waite Deck because it contains the most esoteric symbolism in my opinion, but feel free to bring your own deck. 

This intro is just $30/$50 for a couple [the full class is $427 and is offered as Advanced or Novice. More info

You can purchase a Tarot deck at Parastudy Or from Amazon  Thanks! 

Whose Attending?

Author & Psychic Geralyn St Joseph on Unnormal Paranormal podcast

Sit back

listen and ....

Join your hosts Rhonda Fels, Jeff Chavey and James Poston as they delve into a world beyond the known. Presenting to listeners the world of the unexplained -- mediums, life after death, hauntings, strange phenomena ... any and all topics that lie somewhere between the rational and your imagination.

They present, you decide : a dream or reality?

In this episode - Chakra Therapy Practitioner, author and psychic medium Geralyn St Joseph! Listen as Geralyn explains how seemingly distinct mental and physical ailments can SOMETIMES be closely tied and brought on by each other! She delivers a thought-provoking and intuitive insight into how an understanding of the body’s energy centers can aid in the healing process.

Later on, Geralyn helps convey a heartfelt message from beyond to our very own host, Rhonda Fels that you do not want to miss!

Listen here:

If you have any difficulty finding the podcast try here:


Activate and Clear Your Galactic Gaia Chakra System

Activate and Clear Your Expanded Chakra System

TBD with Geralyn St Joseph

Discover Your Galactic Gaia Chakra System*  

        ☼    What are chakras?

        ☼    What do they all do?

        ☼    How to tell if they are out of balance

        ☼    What to do about it

In this guided meditation you will Awaken Your 16 Chakra System* to open your Being to better energy flow by releasing stress & energetic blocks. Maintaining a clean energy system can give you better health, more resilience & enhanced intuition. 

This meditation will empower you!

*7 core chakras, 5 additional chakras of the physical body and 3 higher realm chakras along with your Gaia point  

Basic knowledge of the core 7 chakras is helpful, but not necessary

If there is time there will be a general Q&A. Both Paranormal Activity Books by Geralyn St Joseph will be on sale at the event - $10 ea.

Experience Life at 100%! Awaken your Galactic Gaia Chakra System

Experience life at 100% by Awakening your Expanded Chakra System

~Release stress

~Experience better communication

~Tap into your creative center

~Connect more fully

~Discover Energy Centers outside your physical body

~ Learn the functions of your chakras

It's time to come on-line and function fully - Live at 100%!

This experiential workshop will help you tap into sources of energy, creativity and peace that you didn't realize you had. Join us for fun and discovery! Blessings!


Geralyn St Joseph ~ Fiercely Loving Earth Momma ~ Psychic Intuitive, Energy Healer, Author shares her gifts at the Body, Mind, Spirit Festival in Belfast, ME. Saturday April 11, 2015

"A psychic reading from Geralyn St. Joseph is often very specific in detail and always highly transformative. Her information uplifts the spirit and gives one a sense of direction filled with many possibilities. She has helped clients through difficult times by assisting in discovering the reasons for a seemingly traumatic event."            

~ Shaman Christopher Ilo ~ Huna Fire Energy Healer

Geralyn St Joseph has a reputation for offering strong, loving guidance to those who choose to seek her advice. Her talents and experiences are varied and many and she brings a bright compassionate light to everything she does. 

Geralyn St Joseph is a Psychic Intuitive, life coach and intuitive business consultant. Geralyn helps many people in a variety of ways. Regardless of the initial focus, her work ultimately helps her clients to repair and strengthen their familial relationships. Geralyn believes that with the proper effort and coaching every family can experience the joy of a mutually supportive relationship.

Psychic Intuitive Geralyn is currently residing in Brookhaven, PA and is a board member of Parastudy with a client list that spans the world. 

Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph is offering signature analysis for $20 at the event and will be helping you to activate your full potential with the Expanded Chakra System workshop. [$10] This experiential workshop will help you tap into sources of energy, creativity and peace that you didn't realize you had. Join us for fun and discovery! Blessings!


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