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Don’t Take Your Baggage into the Future!

Pull Cords with Whatever & Whoever is pulling you back

Enter the New Year free of encumbrances, let go of whatever is holding you back. It’s TIME for something NEW!

          ~ Enjoy more energy

          ~ ‘Reset’ difficult relationships to be less reactive

          ~ Experience better communication with the people around you

          ~ Feel lighter and more confident

Take note of your physical responses to different subjects and situations – What are you reactive to? This could mean anything from an anxiety attack to a deep sigh to a big smile. Why are you reactive to that particular stimulus? What memory, emotion or energy cord is attached?

Whether it is simple to figure these things out or not, we can begin the healing process by using a technique called pulling [or cutting] cords. Every person we deal with, every situation that affects us develops an energy cord to us. This can be draining or reciprocal. In pulling cords we stop the energy drain. We reset the cords with our loved ones for better communication and understanding.

Regularly $180 For a Limited Time Only $120

Are You Feeling That It's Time?

Time to Change? Time to do more? Be more? Time to get out from under all that baggage?

Lately I have been seeing a trend. It seems that this period of time is ripe for new beginnings and BIG transitions. We find ourselves in a position of great changes. What we need is a clean slate. We need to lighten the load and release anything that no longer serves us, anything that is holding us back.

It can be quite powerful to ride that energy into a higher, lighter vibration as a group. So I am inviting you to experience a major energetic clearing to ease your shift into the future. I am inviting you to jump into the FLOW…

Because I feel this has urgency, I am offering it to my friends and clients on a Pay As You Can basis with 4 choices. You can either tune into the event or wait for the replay.

I normally charge 120 to 180 per clearing method, but in this live event you will experience at least 3 types of clearing/healing. Let’s see where Spirit guides us!

This event will include:

Soul Retrieval ~ we call back the pieces of ourselves we left behind due to trauma. And we welcome them back, integrate their lessons and heal their wounds

Universal Light Cleansing & Protection ~ We call the Universal Light of Unconditional love to heal us, clear us of all that no longer serves us and to empower us to grown into the fullness of our being

Renunciation of Binding & Contracts / Embracing the Flow of Spirit ~ We unravel the energies that hold us back and keep us from our truth. We release the illusion of lack and separation and choose a new path.

AND maybe more!

It's Time!

Activate and Clear Your Expanded Chakra System

Activate & Clear Your Galactic Gaia Chakra SystemTM

with Geralyn St Joseph

Discover Your Expanded Chakra System*  

        ☼    What are chakras?

        ☼    What do they all do?

        ☼    How to tell if they are out of balance

        ☼    What to do about it

In this guided meditation you will Awaken Your Expanded Galactic Gaia Chakra System* to open your Being to better energy flow by releasing stress & energetic blocks. Maintaining a clean energy system can give you better health, more resilience & enhanced intuition. 

This meditation will empower you!

*7 core chakras evolving into your unique energy system

Basic knowledge of the core 7 chakras is helpful, but not necessary

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