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Intuitive Coaching with Geralyn

Since coaching is such a big subject I have devoted a websites specifically to it.

For Business Coaching Go to for more complete information or simply contact Geralyn at

For Empowerment, Relationship and Life Coaching Go To  Contact Intuitive Empowerment Coach Geralyn St Joseph at

Couple’s Guidance - Spiritual and Intuitive

When couples enter counseling, it is generally at the insistence of one person. Unless both parties are willing to actively participate in the healing process by working together and individually, little in the relationship will change.

 My style of guidance incorporates frank discussion and interactive communication exercises to practice at home. The lessons learned during our sessions are integral to all our relationships and help us to live a more fulfilled and productive life.

 The results of this style of couple’s guidance are generally evident by the third or fourth session.

It is possible for one partner to create change in a relationship since the movement of one inevitably affects the other. But for change to be lasting and positive requires the commitment of both partners.

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