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Activate and Clear Your Expanded Chakra System

Activate & Clear Your Galactic Gaiatm

Expanded Chakra System

with Geralyn St Joseph

Special rate of just $120 for this special session.

Discover Your Galactic Gaiatm Chakra System*  

In this guided meditation you will Awaken Your Galactic Gaiatm Expanded Chakra System* to open your Being to better energy flow by releasing stress & energetic blocks. Maintaining a clean energy system can give you better health, more resilience & enhanced intuition. 

This meditation will empower you! 

*Basic knowledge of the core 7 chakras is helpful, but not necessary.

What are the Evolving Chakra Systems?

Discover You're Evolving Energy System

As many of you know I have been working with an expanded Energy System – The Galactic Gaia SystemTM. What I have realized recently is that our system has not only expanded but it is evolving. I have found three different types of energy systems in the human body, or human being I should say.

This Workshop will allow you to experience and enable your evolving Energy System. Every person is different and unique and so are their energy systems.

In this Workshop learn how to: 
                        ~ feel your unique essence 
                        ~ cleanse your current chakra system 
                        ~ facilitate the empowerment of your organic energy system

This is an experiential Workshop.

Contact Geralyn St Joseph to RSVP or for more info:


Evolving Energy System Webinar/Clearing

Evolving Energy System Webinar

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