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Monthly Subscription

Doesn't it annoy you that only new clients/patrons/customers get the really good deals? Yeah, me too!

That's why this offer is for current clients ONLY.

I appreciate you!

To show my appreciation I am making you a special offer – PLEASE DO NOT SHARE

Here are the details:

I am offering you a deeply discounted monthly service.

Two options to choose from –

            15 minute session for $45 OR 30 minute session for $75

Advantages to maintaining an Active Subscription

~ While you have an active subscription your session price is set.

If you use more than your allotted time, anything additional is charged at the subscription rate. If you are subscribed at the $45 per 15m rate each additional 15m increment is $45 equaling 180 for an hour. If you opted for the 30m for $75 the additional 15m increments are at a rate of 37.50. Keep in mind that the regular rate is $90 per 15 minutes.

~ You can use your session per month or save the time for a longer session the next month**.

You can do a 30m [or hour] session every other month or 30 or 15 minute session monthly, or use the time however you like. This monthly payment is good toward any service including Clearings, House Blessing, Chakra Alignment, and more. **Once your subscription is no longer active regular rates are applied and up to 2 hours of accrued time may be used towards psychic reading sessions during the next 12 months.**

~ Receive a 20% discount on all services

~ Access to our Members-Only FB Group – Listening to the Voice of Spirit

This is where we will have fun discussions, LIVE webinars, card pulls and more! I will also be posting guided meditations just for you! This is where you let me know what you want!

Remember – Keep this quiet as I am only offering it to a handful of people. Blessings!

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