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Spring Sessions!

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Esoteric Explorations with Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph

Esoteric Explorations – [usually]First Wednesday of the Month ~ 7pm ET ~ Zoom

Esoteric Knowledge is known and understood by the initiated few who study this knowledge. It is the knowledge within. I understand Esoteric Knowledge as being hidden, or stored, deeply within us: within our souls. I understand it to be information to be unlocked and utilized by those with the proper training and intention. Exploring the Esoteric is exploring the Soul to discover all that we are capable of.

We will meet monthly, typically on the first Wednesday, to unlock and explore this information. Each meeting will be an introduction to another topic/process. Join us for this spiritually enriching series. Each month can be done alone, join at any time. Every session will be recorded and accessible to participants. These sessions are for fee - $30.

June 7th ~ Meeting Your Spirit Guides

Our Spirit Guides help us navigate our Spiritual Journey. Guides come in many forms ~ Ancestors, Angels, Animals, Entities, Ascended Masters, Higher Self and more.
In this class we will:

  • ~ Learn about different types of Guides
  • ~ Discern if a guide is also a guardian
  • ~ Connect with our primary guide
  • ~ Discuss what we have experienced
  • July 12th ~                 Forgiving Yourself & Others
  • August 2nd ~             Consulting Your Ancestors
  • September 6th ~      Accessing Your Higher Self              
  • October 4th ~           Psychic Self-defense             
  • November 1st ~       Finding Joy, Appreciation, Freedom & Love          
  • December 6th ~       Pulling Cords for the New Year

Other processes may be added or expanded.

Each of these classes includes:

  • ~ Lesson with Q&A
  • ~ Lesson Process [ Shamanic Journey, Guided Meditation or Healing Practice]
  • ~ Access to recording

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Are You Feeling That It's Time?

Time to Change? Time to do more? Be more? Time to get out from under all that baggage?

Lately I have been seeing a trend. It seems that this period of time is ripe for new beginnings and BIG transitions. We find ourselves in a position of great changes. What we need is a clean slate. We need to lighten the load and release anything that no longer serves us, anything that is holding us back.

It can be quite powerful to ride that energy into a higher, lighter vibration as a group. So I am inviting you to experience a major energetic clearing to ease your shift into the future. I am inviting you to jump into the FLOW…

This is a pre-recorded online video event!

Because I feel this has urgency, I am offering it to my friends and clients at a deep discount.

I normally charge 120 to 180 per clearing method, but in this live event you will experience at least 3 types of clearing/healing. Let’s see where Spirit guides us!

This event will include:

Soul Retrieval ~ we call back the pieces of ourselves we left behind due to trauma. And we welcome them back, integrate their lessons and heal their wounds

Universal Light Cleansing & Protection ~ We call the Universal Light of Unconditional love to heal us, clear us of all that no longer serves us and to empower us to grown into the fullness of our being

Renunciation of Binding & Contracts / Embracing the Flow of Spirit ~ We unravel the energies that hold us back and keep us from our truth. We release the illusion of lack and separation and choose a new path.

AND maybe more!

It's Time!

Tuning In to Your Intuition with Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph #1

There are Monsters under my Bed!  Empowering Your Child against the Darkness

As a parent or a caregiver we have all heard the words at bedtime “I’m afraid’. Whether it is monsters under the bed or in the closet, or a simple fear of being in the dark, all children experience some form of it. Dutiful parents will march into the bedroom and check under the bed, or in the closet and reassure their children that there is nothing there.

But what if your child shows genuine fear? What do you do when your child still insists that the enemy is there?

There are simple steps to take regardless of your faith to dismiss these errant beings who terrorize, wittingly or not, our little ones.  The first thing to do is check the room, however do not dismiss their fear. ‘I don’t see anything honey, but I can show you what to do if it comes back.” Then sit with the child in the dark and let them know it’s okay to tell the thing to leave very forcefully. They can say it in their minds and still be heard. Practice together.

They can call for their guardian angel to wrap their wings around them for comfort and protection. Practice doing this by requesting the angelic assistance and then breathing deeply to help the child relax and feel the angelic presence. Whether you believe in angels or not, the deep breathing will alleviate the child’s anxiety and help them to relax.

Teach them a prayer of protection. It can be any prayer you choose from the Our Father to The Spirit of the Great White Light. Or you can teach them a simple mantra like ‘I am a child of God and I am safe!” Again they need to breathe deeply while saying this forcefully. Any of these verbal methods need to be repeated 3 times at least.

Empower your child against the darkness, don’t dismiss it. By acknowledging their fears you are supporting your child’s emotional development. You are helping to create a self aware, confident person. At no other time in recent history have we been afforded the opportunity to come together and discuss our children’s needs. The information is out there. Raise a healthy adult.

Intuitive Parent Coach Geralyn St. Joseph currently travels the US.

To contact Geralyn St. Joseph call 808 261-7866 or email

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