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Esoteric Explorations with Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph

Esoteric Explorations – [usually] First Wednesday of the Month ~ 7pm ET ~ Zoom

Esoteric Knowledge is known and understood by the initiated few who study this knowledge. It is the knowledge within. I understand Esoteric Knowledge as being hidden, or stored, deeply within us: within our souls. I understand it to be information to be unlocked and utilized by those with the proper training and intention. Exploring the Esoteric is exploring the Soul to discover all that we are capable of.

We will meet monthly, typically on the first Wednesday, to unlock and explore this information. Each meeting will be an introduction to another topic/process. Join us for this spiritually enriching series. Each month can be done alone, join at any time. Every session will be recorded and accessible to participants. These sessions are for fee - $30.

June 7th ~ Meeting Your Spirit Guides

Our Spirit Guides help us navigate our Spiritual Journey. Guides come in many forms ~ Ancestors, Angels, Animals, Entities, Ascended Masters, Higher Self and more.
In this class we will:

  • ~ Learn about different types of Guides
  • ~ Discern if a guide is also a guardian
  • ~ Connect with our primary guide
  • ~ Discuss what we have experienced
  • July 12th ~                 Forgiving Yourself & Others
  • August 2nd ~             Consulting Your Ancestors
  • September 6th ~      Accessing Your Higher Self              
  • October 4th ~           Psychic Self-defense             
  • November 1st ~       Finding Joy, Appreciation, Freedom & Love          
  • December 6th ~       Pulling Cords for the New Year

Other processes may be added or expanded.

Each of these classes includes:

  • ~ Lesson with Q&A
  • ~ Lesson Process [ Shamanic Journey, Guided Meditation or Healing Practice]
  • ~ Access to recording

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