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Sign of the Times - Time for REAL Change

For the past several months I have been receiving frantic phone calls from clients with anxiety, nightmares and a general sense of impending doom. Many peoples’ lives seem to be in chaos. With the approaching end of the Mayan calendar, our futures were in question. All of humanity seems to feel something coming, but what?

This period of time is very difficult on everyone, but is felt more strongly by sensitive individuals. The key is to realize that you are not alone, you are not crazy and chances are that what you are feeling is not personal. By not personal I mean, what is happening is global. Even though the affects can feel personal, the effect is global.

It is time to change. It is time to regain our moral compass and our connection to God, the Universe and Mother Earth. The heightened interest in Spirituality, Eastern Medicine and the mind-body-spirit connection are symptoms of the times. In order to change the outer structures, we need to change our inner voices.

The structures around us, those that truly support us, are not man-made. The structures that truly support us as beings are energetic, spiritual and then physical. The man-made structures built around us were originally designed to support our growth and give us more time for introspection and spiritual pursuits. Many of these things have backfired.

Most of these man-made structures need major overhauls. In America in 2008 the populace cried out for change, unaware that the change can only happen if it begins within us. Our world is rampant with disillusionment and fear. At the same time there exists a growing movement of Truth and Joy. These two camps are pulling further and further apart, in thought, expression, action and vibration.

Eventually when the vibrational frequency of these two groups is polarized enough, one will apparently cease to exist. Is this the Rapture described in the Bible? Those who act out of pure compassion and love, those who follow in the Christ’s footsteps by following the Universal Laws will apparently cease to exist to those trapped in the vibration of apathy and fear. Is this the shift spoken of in so many ancient cultures like the Mayans?

In popular culture we cry out for freedom of thought and word yet punish those who voice opinions different than our own. Is this Truth? Will we allow might to continue to make right? Our monetary systems are arbitrary at best. What do you have to offer your fellow citizens when these things shift or even cease to exist? Gold? Jewels? Or something more valuable, like compassion and support.

Now is the time to be who you truly be. The astrology** reflects this as a time of reckoning. The façade of the 50s gave way to the hippie culture of the 60s, but have we come a long way, baby? What have we accomplished? Our greed and short-sightedness have created a polluted, dying world in chaos. Yet we can see heaven just around the corner. Are we delusional? Or are we simply optimistic?

Let us reach deep to find the best in ourselves. Let us reach down to our roots where we are all connected in Spirit. Let us find our common ground, celebrate our cultures, heal our planet and move forward in compassion and grace. BE the change you want to see in the world, because you are the only one who can be who you be.

Blessings and God’s Grace to ALL!


Geralyn St Joseph
Wholistic University
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